Encryption Manager for Storage

Move your storage encryption strategy forward with standards-based key management.

Storage managers face growing demands to protect sensitive data. In response, storage managers must decide how best to deploy and manage encryption...that easily integrates with existing storage infrastructure with the ability to grow in the future.

Networked storage elements such as disk arrays, tape drives and switches, now include encryption. When deploying systems with embedded encryption, storage managers must make sure encryption does not impact business continuity or data accessibility due to inefficient administrative procedures or unreliable key management. A systematic approach is now needed for protecting keys that can automate lifecycle management, while providing a dependable solution that spans across today’s diverse storage infrastructure.

Thales Encryption Manager for Storage is a standards-based, FIPS-designed, hardened appliance that enables organizations to confidently deploy key management across multiple types of encrypting endpoints. The appliance supports both standards-based protocols (IEEE P1619.3 draft), as well as legacy interoperability with leading vendor storage devices, to centralize encryption management with consistency.  Native support for storage vendors, such as tape and disk devices from IBM, Brocade switches, and other leading vendors, provides a comprehensive system that grows with your enterprise storage needs.


■ Automate encryption key management
■ Reduce the risk of security breaches
■ Achieve compliance and audit goals
■ Meet continuity and retention requirements
■ Reduce costs of managing encryption
■ Simplify deployment and management


TEMS for IBM Brochure

TEMS for Brocade Brochure

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