THALES - Secure Execution Engine

Traditional approaches to computer security can result in an uneven spread of security around a company's networks and computers. Parts of the environment may be extremely well protected; others may not, and gaps in security measures can create vulnerabilities.With such a high proportion of mission critical systems connected to open systems such as the Internet, there are real possibilities that computers can be attacked and misused, data damaged or destroyed, and normal customer service interrupted. Systems, which may be secure when operated on a small scale, can develop weaknesses when they are expanded - or simply lack the scalability that large enterprises require.

THALES - A Prudent Approach

Large organizations continue to invest in a multitude of security technologies to protect both their IT infrastructures and their most valuable asset: confidential and private data. In spite of this effort, publicly-disclosed data breaches seem to be everyday occurrences. Why this disconnect? Can anything be done to improve confidential data security?

PKWARE - Enhancing Full-disk Encryption Solutions

Many organizations need to mitigate the risks and expense resulting from lost or stolen laptop and desktop personal computers (PCs). A laptop left on an airplane or a desktop stolen from an office may contain any amount of sensitive data. Some organizations, reasonably, mitigate this risk by using full-disk encryption. Full-disk encryption provides protection of data when stored on the disk being protected. It does not, however, mitigate all the risks associated with data stored on PCs. Even with full-disk encryption in place, there are still some scenarios where security gaps occur and sensitive data can be compromised.

THALES - Protecting Electronic Documents

Records management rules require that we deploy safeguards to protect the electronic audit trail. It is relatively straightforward to automate one’s interoffice memo system; simple email will suffice. That does not allow one to assume that the archival copies behind each message are preserved in a form suitable for use as evidence should the need arise. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by preserving paper copies, often stamped as “official” or “archival” copies and set aside in corporate “document archives”. Our challenge as we further automate our business processes is to preserve sufficiently compelling electronic data as to replace paper proofs.

THALES - Datacryptor Key Management

Encryption changes a data stream of bits from information to something that appears random. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted data gets a data stream that doesn’t represent any information. It is noise, garbage, worthless data. In a well designed system, only the intended recipient is able to decrypt the encrypted data stream to recover the information.

THALES - Network Privacy & Information Assurance

For any organisation, whether public or private sector, network security is of fundamental importance. However, the issue goes much deeper than simple security alone. Preserving the confidentiality of information in transit is only the most visible element. There’s also protecting and assuring the integrity of that information, proving its authenticity, and finally, guaranteeing its availability. The challenge is hard enough in the relatively safe environment of private local and wide area networks. Introduce public networks, VPNs or the Internet and it becomes orders of magnitude more difficult. Then factor in keeping pace with changing network protocols and technologies and it gets even harder.

THALES - Homeland Defense Information

Information systems have evolved over the last two decades to a point where both commercial and government organizations have become heavily dependent on their uninterrupted operation to sustain day-to-day business. Within the United States, the recognition that these systems were vulnerable and needed protection first began to be addressed in 1996 as part of the initial study conducted by the Presidential Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.

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