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Seminar Overview

As the online threat landscape has changed dramatically, banks, governments and enterprises face security challenges both internally and externally that are constantly evolving. Increasingly sophisticated malware attacks such as Keyboard Loggers and Man-In-The Browser are appearing that are capable of penetrating traditional authentication methods such as usernames and passwords.


These attacks can result in the theft or loss of sensitive information and valuable company assets, as well as irreparable damage caused to an organisation’s brand and reputation which can seriously harm customer confidence and trust. Organisations need to act now and add layers of control to ring-fence their key systems and services and produce an effective end-to-end IT security regime.


ActivIdentity, part of HID Global, is unique in its holistic approach in delivering true multi-faceted authentication. With the 4TRESS AS Appliance, organizations can effectively deploy a layered risk-based security framework by adding fraud preventive measures in conjunction with two-factor authentication to deliver a best practice security regime.


HID ActivIdentity customers include the US Department of Defense, US Presidential Office, NASA, Citibank, Visa, Westpac, NAB, Lloyds Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas and ING.


To learn how organizations, like yours, can benefit from industry leading assurance solutions, HID ActivIdentity is pleased to invite you to the Shangri-La Indonesia, Jakarta on 9th October 2012. The event also gives you an opportunity to network with like-minded senior business executives over a buffet lunch.



Who Should Attend?

CIOs, CSOs, Internet Banking Officers, IT Security Officers, and Business Operations Officers. Be there.  Don’t sit back and watch the world changes around you. Be at the centre of it. Seats are limited and SIGN UP NOW!



Welcome and Introduction to HID ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity Identity Assurance Solutions

4TRESS AS Case Studies

4TRESS AS Demos including Fraud Detection Service




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