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Guide to Database Encryption

The guide offers an overview of the key approaches required to address #database #encryption, and it outlines the different types of approaches—helping IT architects, CISOs, and database security experts ensuring they’re using the right tools for the right purposes. #accesscontrols. #ThalesCPL #tokenization #datasecurity #dataprotection #encrypteverything #cryptokeymanagement Download: Guide to Database Encryption Thales CPL  

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THALES – Protecting Electronic Documents

Records management rules require that we deploy safeguards to protect the electronic audit trail. It is relatively straightforward to automate one’s interoffice memo system; simple email will suffice. That does not allow one to assume that the archival copies behind each message are preserved in a form suitable for use as evidence should the need arise. Traditionally, this has been …

Whitepaper Posted by: dymar on 06/03/2018 10:26

SOPHOS – Achieving PCI compliance with Sophos

High-profile data losses have led to increasingly complex and evolving regulations. Any organization or retailer that accepts payment card transactions, or collects, processes or stores credit card transaction information must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Protecting your data is enough of a headache without having to keep up with regulations and quickly prove compliance during …

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SOPHOS – Stopping data leakage

Organizations are increasingly aware of the acute need to control the information that flows into, through and out of their networks. This paper demonstrates the need for a high-profile acceptable use policy to prevent data leakage, gives practical guidance on how to use your security budget effectively to protect data at the gateway and endpoint, and highlights the benefits of …