Whitepaper Posted by: dymar on 06/03/2018 10:26

THALES – Network Privacy & Information Assurance

For any organisation, whether public or private sector, network security is of fundamental importance. However, the issue goes much deeper than simple security alone. Preserving the confidentiality of information in transit is only the most visible element. There’s also protecting and assuring the integrity of that information, proving its authenticity, and finally, guaranteeing its availability. The challenge is hard enough …

Whitepaper Posted by: dymar on 06/03/2018 10:26

THALES – Datacryptor Key Management

Encryption changes a data stream of bits from information to something that appears random. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted data gets a data stream that doesn’t represent any information. It is noise, garbage, worthless data. In a well designed system, only the intended recipient is able to decrypt the encrypted data stream to recover the information. PDF Files 

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