Haloo Dymar

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HalooDymar is a simple application to check the maintenance status of Thales payShield 9000 unit that sold by PT Dymar Jaya in Indonesia. The customer that has Thales payShield 9000 should asked User ID and password to Maintenance Department or Technical Department of PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia. The approval will be sent by Maintenance Department or Technical Department via email.

The application will show all serial number of the Thales payShield 9000. The units with valid maintenance (or warranty) will be shown in green. The units with no valid maintenance maintenance will be shown in red. And the units that the maintenance contract will be expired within 3 months will be shown in orange. To check the period of the last contract, it’s simple by select the serial number of the unit.

To call the HalooDymar call center, it’s as simple as click to the icon of HalooDymar at right bottom. To exit the application, please click ‘Exit’ and the application will let the User ID and Password been stored in the device.


You can download HalooDymar application from Google PlayStore:


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