HSM 8000 Base Software V3.1 Announced

News Posted by: dymar on 05/03/2018 10:42

Base Software HSM8 V3.1


HSM 8000 base release V3.1 significantly maintains Thales e-Security as a market leader in security functionality for the financial community. It demonstrates our commitment to securely protect and develop the customer applications with the latest updates and enhancements.


The following new features are provided in this release:

Functional Enhancements

Local HSM Manager

Support for Remote HSM Manager (via optional license)

Basic EMV Card Issuing (via optional licence)

Contactless (Mag-Stripe) Card Issuing (via optinal licence)

Miscellaneous Operational Enhancements


Items in the above list labeled “optional licence” are available only when the additional licence is ordered.


As part of the on-going program of improvements to the Thales HSM, software release v3.1 provides users with a new management utility (known as the HSM Manager) which provides users with a secure method of managing and configuring the HSM. There are two versions of the HSM Manager: the Local HSM Manager (where the user is physically located at the HSM), and the Remote HSM Manager (Where the user is logically connected to the HSM, but may be in a physically separate location).


Also in this release, the HSM’s existing card issuing functionality has been enhanced to (optional) support both EMV Contact and Mag-stripe Contactless Card Issuing.


Finally, a number of miscellaneous operational enhancements have been implemented which aim to improve the usability of the HSM. These include the ability to display detailed licence information, and to provide rapid state transition.



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