nShield for Microsoft product

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nShield for Microsoft product


Thales Database Encryption Solution for Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Databases often contain an organization’s most sensitive data. As a result, the large database vendors have implemented native encryption in their database server products. Database Security Option Pack adds support for Microsoft’s Extensible Key Management (EKM). It enables organizations to better protect keys that protect sensitive data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, manage keys across databases and systems, and separate security and database administration.






Thales Solution for Microsoft Identity and Access, and Certificate Services


With increasing regulatory scrutiny and escalating consequences of data breaches, controlling access to data and applications is critical. User authentication policy must be enforced, but at the same time, it must not encumber business processes.
Enabling enterprises to meet these demands, Windows Server 2008 provides a robust identity and access solution that includes:

> Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM)
automates user identity and credential management
> Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)
enforces data protection policies for Office and SharePoint
> Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
issues digital certificates for authentication and encryption









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nShield for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Identity and Access

nShield for Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services


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