HSM 8000

HSM 8000

Thales’s host security module (HSM) technology has already been adopted by every major card scheme and is currently protecting 70 percent of the world’s card transactions.

Easy to customize and capable of delivering unrivalled protection for ATM, POS, corporate banking, card issuing, funds transfer, and share trading technology, the HSM 8000 is a tamper-resistant device that provides the powerful cryptographic facilities that are needed to secure financial transactions.

Fully compliant with the financial industry’s security audit requirements and incorporating a design certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3, the HSM 8000 product range is ideal for acquirers, switches, and issuers for the processing of magnetic stripe and chip card transactions (EMV).



  • Integrates with all leading transaction software
  • Scalable performance options
  • Wide range of protocols/connections to connect to all types of host system


Protecting payment transactions
Designed specifically to meet the needs of the payment industry with cryptographic support for the issuance of payment cards and the switching and authorisation of transactions.

Widespread global integration
Comprehensive off-the-shelf support for all major payment applications in use globally.

Validated security
Highly secure tamper resistant hardware security module, certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3, MEPS (France) and APCA (Australia)

Field upgradeable
Simple and secure method to update functionality and performance under customer control.

Wide range of host connectivity
Supports all common types of host interface (Async, TCP/IP and UDP) plus IBM proprietary, SNA and ESCON

Feature rich base functionality set, complemented with optional modules and a firmware customisation service.


HSM 8000 Datasheet

HSM 8000 Brochure