Protect your data wherever it travels, across all major computing platforms

SecureZIP ensures that virtually any type of sensitive data kept in file, folder, or e-mail format is protected while the data is in motion, in use, or at rest. Corporate or personal information assets are sealed in secured virtual containers and remain protected inside and outside of the corporate network or computing cloud.

SecureZIP offers both security and compression that protects data wherever it travels.

  • Zips and unzips files and folders resulting in greatly reduced transmission times and storage requirements. 
  • Effective policy management tools and user-centric design offers transparency and ease of use, while enabling appropriate organizational security controls. 
  • Information is available to authorized individuals but is rendered useless to hackers or thieves.


SecureZIP for desktop Datasheet

SecureZIP for server Datasheet

SecureZIP for i5/OS® Datasheet

SecureZIP for Z/OS® Datasheet