SmartNode 4300

SmartNode 4300

The SmartNode 4300 Series IpChannel Bank is the perfect business solution for applications requiring up to 32 concurrent analog voice/fax calls. The IpChannel Bank transforms any PBX system, analog call-center application, or ISP MDU service into a state-of-the-art packetvoice system without requiring costly equipment replacement or upgrades.

The models in the SN4300 Series are available with up to 32 FXS ports. The SN4300 Series supports key industry-standard VoIP signaling protocols such as SIP, H.323, and T.38 Fax Relay—plus faxbypass and modem-bypass. This ensures interoperability with the leading soft switches and VoIP services.

The SN4300 runs SmartWare™, the award winning VoIP real-time operating system used in all SmartNode products. The versatile VoIP gateway software enables the SN4300 to talk with up to 8 VoIP servers using SIP and H.232 protocols.

With Telephony-over-IP (ToIP) call switching, calls can automatically select the leastcost-route while providing flexible numbering plans and end-to-end feature transparency. PPPoE, DHCP, and VLAN offers universal IP connectivity and optional IPsec VPN with AES/3DES guarantees secure voice over the public network.