Smartnode 4900

SmartNode 4900

The SmartNode 4900 is the ideal solution for service providers and enterprises requiring high-density analog connections for converged Internet-Telephony. Call centers, multi-tenant-units and PBX/switch extensions can now access the low-cost benefits of packet voice while WAN, data and VPN features permit direct access the IP network with full upstream and DownStream QoS™.

The SN4900 supports 12 to 32 simultaneous VoIP calls over standard two-wire FXS connections. The analog ports are presented on a single Amphenol telco connector for convenient wiring closet connection. Local LAN connectivity is presented via dual 10/100 Ethernet ports. Traffic can be routed out either port for load-balancing and redundancy. Dual-redundant power supplies protect against equipment down-time.

Seamless and secure network integration with fixed IP, DHCP or PPPoE. Complete access routing features include NAT/NAPT, Firewall, DynDNS and the optional IPsec VPN feature license offer secure data. Optional WAN uplink modules, available in V.35/X.21, T1/E1, and xDSL options, eliminate the need for extra network termination devices and extra cost.

Quality of Service (QoS) features included advanced voice prioritization and traffic management. DownStreamQoS™ ensures voice without interruptions even over best-effort internet connections. Packet labeling according to 802.1p, TOS and DiffServ enable integration into managed QoS networks.