Sophos Email Security

Sophos Email Security

You’ll get the best technology to guard your sensitive emails, prevent accidental data loss and beat spam with our Email Security and Data Protection license. Choose the solution that best meets your needs from our hardware appliances, virtual appliance, UNIX gateway software or our Exchange or Domino mail server protection.

Sophos Email Appliances

  • Your single solution for anti-spam and data protection
  • Protect your sensitive email with integrated encryption
  • Prevent data loss with our easy and effective DLP

Sophos Email Appliances Datasheet

Sophos Virtual Email Appliances

  • Virtualize your email protection
  • All the same great anti-spam and data protection features
  • Save on hardware and gain all the benefits of virtualization

Sophos Virtual Email Appliances Datasheet

Sophos Data Protection Suite

  • Combines email, data, and endpoint for complete data protection
  • Integrated email, full-disk and file encryption
  • Consistent DLP policies across email and endpoint
  • Endpoint protection that blocks malware and controls devices, applications, data and network access

Sophos Data Protection Suite Datasheet