Financial Authority of Indonesia Guidance

To safeguard sensitive customer data and comply with FAI’s or OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) guidelines, organizations need to apply encryption, consistent, robust, and granular controls. With the HSM (Hardware Security Module) and Vormetric Data Security Platform from Thales e-Security, customers can leverage the flexible integration, comprehensive capabilities, and centralized policy and key management they need to efficiently address these guidelines throughout their organization.


 Vormetric Data Security Manager

The Vormetric Data Security Manager from Thales e-Security offers centralized management of keys and policies for the entire suite of products available within the Vormetric Data Security Platform. The product is available as a physical or virtual appliance.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption from Thales e-Security leverages an agent that runs in the file system to provide high-performance encryption and least-privileged access controls for files, directories, and volumes. Vormetric Transparent Encryption supports both structured databases and unstructured files.

Vormetric Application Encryption

Vormetric Application Encryption from Thales e-Security employs standards-based APIs to simplify the process of doing column-level encryption in applications.

Vormetric Key Management

With Vormetric Key Management from Thales e-Security, administrators can centrally manage keys for Vormetric products, Oracle TDE, Microsoft TDE, and more. In addition, the product securely stores certificates and offers support for the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).

Vormetric Security Intelligence

Vormetric Security Intelligence can deliver granular file access logs to popular security information and event management (SIEM) systems and be used to support audits.

Thales e-Security HSMs

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Thales e-Security provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for secure cryptographic processing, key protection, and key management. With these devices organizations can deploy high assurance security solutions that satisfy widely established and emerging standards of due care for cryptographic systems and practices—while also maintaining high operational efficiency.

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This Guidelines are statements of industry best practices which Commercial Banks (CB) are expected to adopt, and although they are not legally binding, the degree of observance with the spirit of the Risk Management Guidelines by a CB will be taken into account by OJK in its risk assessment of the CB. These guidelines hold for any CB that is doing business in Indonesia.