PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia: Adding Protection Layer to Data

News Posted by: Dymar on 24/12/2018 08:49

In the era of data-driven business decisions, enterprises have upped the ante to gather more information. Imagine an external malicious actor that steals their data. In the aftermath, the complete decision-making process and functioning of the businesses come to halt. To avoid the scare, organizations seek a technology partner that connects them with the right data security solution, which ensures continuous functioning of enterprises even in the face of cyberthreat. Their search for the right technology partner ends at PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia. With more than two decades of experience, the data security specialist fortifies the security posture of businesses by offering robust solutions and support

After product deployment, we transcend into the role of a consultant that leverages experience in data security arena for safeguarding businesses

At the outset of a client engagement, the firm holds multiple discussion sessions to zero in on the data security needs of clients as a part of the requirement gathering process. PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia gives utmost importance to the functional longevity of the solution during its finalization. “After product deployment, we transcend into the role of a consultant that leverages experience in data security arena for safeguarding businesses,” says Yuliani Kusnadi, Managing Director at PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia. The firm offers 24/7 support for the solution through its platinum program. “The program is inclusive of preventive maintenance services four times in a year,” adds Yuliani. Additionally, the company imparts training to client’s resources and prepares them to resolve the minor snags that can be fixed locally.

The company reinforces the security posture of clients by offering them strong cryptography solutions in robust security appliance like Thales e-security products. These products provide end-to-end data security protection by encrypting the data along the way till the end, to avoid internal attack to the system.

With high skills and expertise in data security, PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia enables clients to walk through the maze of compliances. The firm partners with banks and financial institutions in their endeavor to protect critical data and guides them to avoid the common Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) pitfalls. As part of the collaboration, PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia helps enterprises to create a holistic approach for meeting PCI DSS obligations.

PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia’s journey with clients does not stop at understanding client needs. The firm also assumes the role of a partner with its customers to enable them in attaining security goals. For instance, one of the eading financial institutions had to encrypt data and resolve data security compliance issues. PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia empowered the client with encryption and tokenization solutions and provided support for using them optimally. Using these data security products, the client could safeguard information, fortify its security posture, and comply with PCI-DSS.

The journey of PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia is full of success stories akin to the financial institution and the firm aims to connect businesses from other industries to robust data security solutions. The firm’s alignment with goals and requirements of clients has enabled it to grow its footprint in major cities in Indonesia. PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia looks forward to expand into other geographies and bolster security posture of businesses.

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