SecurePass E2EE – End to End Encryption

SecurePass E2EE – End to End Encryption

Dymar provide End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) security solution able to encrypt sensitive data from terminals such as browsers, mobile applications to backend servers. This technology is very powerful to secure login process, for example in internet banking, mobile banking or online registration applications. During the login process, the PIN, password or sensitive data secured not only during the delivery process but until the PIN or password verification.

E2EE technology is equipped with a Hardware Security Module (HSM) from Thales. In addition to PINs or passwords, E2EE is also able to secure other data such as sensitive messages, credit card numbers, transaction values and others. In essence, this solution is able to eliminate blind spots in your login system and has been implemented in many banks in Indonesia. This solution certainly avoids the risk of hacking both from external and internal.



Key Benefits

  • Secure login with PIN/Password verification
  • Secure sensitive data distribution
  • Suitable for any mobile application use cases
  • Using End to End Encryption Technology
  • Powered with Hardware Security Module
  • Against MITM (Man In the Middle Attack)
  • Enhance data protection in transport layer

SecurePass E2EE Security

Supported cryptographic algorithms



Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Front End

  • iOS: Swift, Objective C,
  • Android: Kotlin, Java
  • Web Browser: Javascript


Back End

  • Java, PHP, Golang, etc


Supported Functionality

Front End

  • Encrypt PIN, Encrypt Password, Encrypt/Decrypt Data


Back End

  • Verify PIN, Verify Password, Encrypt/Decrypt Data


SecurePass E2EE