While there are many ways to protect sensitive data in databases, IT requirements for performance, availability and security can sometimes clash: will this security feature compromise database read and write performance? Can I be certain that the encryption key will always be available for fast read performance? For your database security needs, consider Dymar a solution that can provide high-performance, database encryption with an architecture that can provide high-availability to ensure that every database write and read happens at almost the speed of an unprotected database.


Data Visibility
Without knowing what data you have and where it lives, you can’t protect it effectively, which means your data is vulnerable. It can be a challenging process to categorize all the different types of data present across different databases and define appropriate policies for data management. Without some form of automation in scanning large data stores, it is extremely difficult to capture all the data that applies to the various privacy regulations and ensure that your database and usage is compliant.

Database Reliability and Performance
Enterprises often suffer from performance issues when implementing poorly designed or inefficient database encryption tools. This negatively impacts end users and applications that rely on real-time access to data.

Insufficient Security Controls
Database encryption tools built with inadequate database encryption security expose the organization to fraud and data breaches. For example, when key management is handled within the database, the database administrator has control of both the data and key. Database encryption solutions also often disregard the risk posed by insider abuse and advanced persistent threats providing attackers the time they need to find and expose vulnerabilities.

Complex and Time-Consuming Key Management
As the database environment expands, so do the key management challenges. Using multiple key management tools is complex and increases the risk of errors and fraud. While database vendors offer key management functionality, this only works when the enterprise uses that vendor’s specific databases.


Database encryption with minimal effort and performance implications. With CipherTrust Transparent Encryption, you can secure sensitive data in databases across your enterprise, whether you’re running Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, NoSQL environments, or any combination thereof.

Apply more granular encryption, including at the column or field level within databases, which simplifies the integration of encryption into existing corporate applications. It uses standards-based APIs to perform cryptographic and key management operations. Users can choose between standards-based AES encryption and scheme-maintaining, format-preserving encryption (FPE).

Database Protection Without Noticeable Performance Impact
Solutions are highly scalable and offer protection of your database environment without compromising performance. and has been field tested in performance-intensive environments, with proven scalability to support 50,000 cryptographic transactions per second.

Seamless Implementation
Enables high-performance, column-level database encryption without changes to your applications, infrastructure, or business practices, and makes it simple to extend application-layer encryption across virtual, cloud, big data, and traditional environments.

Improved Compliance Posture
Provides data discovery and classification, risk assessment, rich visualizations and detailed reports that enables rapid identification of regulated data, highlights security risks, and help you uncover compliance gaps. This makes it easy for your organization to uncover and close privacy gaps, prioritize remediation, and make informed decisions about privacy concerns.


CipherTrust Transparent Encryption

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption with centralized key management, privileged user access control and detailed data access audit logging. This protects data wherever it resides, on-premises, across multiple clouds and within big data, and container environments.

The deployment is simple, scalable and fast, with agents installed at operating file-system or device layer, and encryption and decryption is transparent to all applications that run above it. CipherTrust Transparent Encryption is designed to meet data security compliance and best practice requirements with minimal disruption, effort, and cost. Implementation is seamless keeping both business and operational processes working without changes even during deployment and roll out. The solution works in conjunction with the FIPS 140-2 up to Level 3 compliant CipherTrust Manager, which centralizes encryption key and policy management for the CipherTrust Data Security Platform.


CipherTrust Tokenization

CipherTrust Tokenization dramatically reduces the cost and effort required to comply with security policies and regulatory mandates like PCI DSS while also making it simple to protect other sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII). While there are no tokenization standards in the industry, most tokenization solutions fall into one of two architectures: vaultless- or vaulted tokenization Both secure and anonymize sensitive assets. Tokenization software can reside in the data center, big data environments or the cloud.