PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia

Establish in 1988 as a data communication company, and since 1992 we add data security solutions to serve the evolution of customer needs towards data security environment. Customer success is important and fundamental to us, so that is why we’ve made every effort to help customers address compliance issues and security threats and deliver trust throughout their organization.

With our long track record of experiences, focus on cryptography and team work services, nowadays we have served to maintain around 80% market share of mission critical host security module with excellent local support.

  • About Us

    Indonesian-based DYMAR JAYA INDONESIA was founded by data and voice communications experts in 1988. It is the leading specialist in data security solution.

    As such it only employs a competent team who has many years of experience in sales and marketing, technical, project management and after-sales support.

    This team is backed-up by the world’s leading suppliers in data and networking equipments and data security systems through long-standing partnerships.
  • What We Do

    DYMAR’s products and services include data security solution. It delivers solutions and services for banks, financial institutions, government and many more.
  • Why Us?

    As the leading specialist, DYMAR understands and anticipates the requirements and needs of each customer. It uniquely designs and provides solutions that suit the customers’ needs.

    DYMAR always aims at a long-term partnership with customers. Therefore, it offers comprehensive and attractive after-sales service programs, such as Standard Support, Platinum Support and other tailor-made maintenance supports.


Trusted Partner In Data Security Solution


Providing world-class data security solution with trusted local support

Deliver outstanding service
You are my precious customer
Make continuous improvement (Kaizen)
Achieve goal with team work
Resolving everything with team spirit