Ransomware attacks have been making headlines for years, encrypting data and holding it for ransom payments. Victims of such ransom demands range from worldwide corporations to hospitals to private citizens with attacks like NotPetya, WannaCry, and more. Spot the behaviors that give ransomware away before it can get its hooks in your valuable data.

Many ransomware attacks start with a malicious email. Attackers know it only takes one individual to let down their guide for them to get into your organization. Today’s ransomware attacks often combine multiple advanced techniques with real-time hacking. To minimize your risk of falling victim to ransomware, you need advanced protection that monitors and secures the whole attack chain.

Simply and unify your defenses with real-time intelligence sharing for better protection against advanced threats like ransomware attacks. Spend less time responding to threats with automatic isolation of infected computers and instant cleanup. Plus you’ll have 100% visibility of all apps on your network. Ransomware attacks can come from anywhere. Protect against phishing email attempts targeting your end users, insecure websites, malicious email attachments, targeted attacks and more.

Exploit Prevention

Stop hackers from using the tricks and methods they rely on – take their best tools away from them with exploit prevention.

Ransomware Protection

CryptoGuard uses behavioral analysis to stop previously unseen ransomware and boot record attacks. Never pay a ransom again.

XDR Protection

With extended detection and response (XDR), organizations can secure the entire landscape and understand the impact of security incidents.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Enhance your defenses and simplify management with cloud-based endpoint protection. Intercept X’s endpoint security integrates with Sophos Central so you can access and manage your endpoint security wherever you are, any time. No need to spend more on infrastructure and maintain on-premises servers. Switch to an endpoint security cloud solution for smarter, faster protection.


Sophos InterceptX

Sophos Intercept X gives you the world’s best protection for endpoints and servers