SecureAge Security Suite

 SecureAge Security Suite

File encryption and email security software

Harnessing the power of SecureData file encryption technology, all your enterprise Data is protected 100% of the time with real-world usability. Welcome to a seamless and non-intrusive solution for the way we work.

Filling the cybersecurity gaps

Protection is only effective when it’s applied at the most granular level, everywhere, and all of the time. This means your Data – whether it’s on your endpoints, in your cloud service, or even with others as email. The SecureAge Security Suite offers a complete and proven solution for everyday enterprise security needs.

This is evidenced by our 19-year history of ZERO plain Data breaches with organisations of all size and our unique ability to protect ALL types of Data, whether in-transit, in-use, or at-rest.

What makes the SecureAge Security Suite different?

Through time-tested file encryption technology and design, the SecureAge Security Suite achieves Data protection with a careful balance of 100% Data security, application integrity, and real-world usability.

Proactive Data security
Ensuring Data protection is pervasive and persistent, SecureAge’s file encryption technology comprehensively closes ALL security gaps to achieve 100% protection across every file, every place, and every time.
Intuitive application integrity
Application binding and application control ensure that your Data is only accessed by trusted applications and for specific purposes. Protected Data and protected applications – a complete and proven combination.
Real-world usability
No solution works without accounting for the human element and our approach is to remove it completely. Inherent and invisible by design, our solution allows employees to work as they normally would without even thinking about cybersecurity.

Two pillars of the Suite: SecureData and SecureEmail

File Encryption ( Secure Data)

  • SecureData file encryption technology automatically protects every file, every place, every time
  • Application binding to minimise Data loss during a zero-day attack
  • Security Suite for cross-platform secures your Data, on the go
  • SecureAge Security Management Server centrally manages and deploys user profiles and policies (subject to a minimum number of licenses)

Protecting information means securing its most common shape and basic element – the Data file. Running invisibly at the endpoint, it persistently encrypts, protecting each individual file, whether in use, stored, lost or stolen. It works seamlessly with your workflows by employing a seamless PKI-based encryption.

Email Security (Secure Email)

  • Unlimited key history to make archived email accessible
  • Policy-based controls to determine how email is sent, stored, forwarded or replied to
  • Seamless plugins for common email tools including Microsoft Outlook and HCL Notes
  • Password service for email blasts (eg: sending bills and statements)
  • SecureAge Security Management Server centrally manages and deploys user profiles and policies (subject to a minimum number of licenses)

Encrypting email should be as easy as sending email – intuitive and accessible to everyone. Through an invisible and non-intrusive key management for email, authenticity and privacy are maintained without any need for training, and without changing the way your team sends and receives email.

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