Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewall

Much More Than a Firewall

Consolidate your network protection with our integrated and extensible platform to secure your hybrid networked world.


Sophos Firewall includes more than any other firewall:


  • Full next-gen firewall capability with the best protection and performance optimized for the modern encrypted internet
  • Integration with Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR to provide Automated Threat Response and Synchronized Security to stop threats before they can cause serious problem
  • Comprehensive SD-WAN capabilities to easily and securely orchestrate and interconnect your various offices and locations
  • Support for our SSE and SASE portfolio of cloud-delivered network security solutions including ZTNA, SWG DNS Protection, and more
  • Built-in ZTNA to enable secure and easy remote worker access
  • Cloud management and reporting from Sophos Central enabling you to manage your firewalls together with your wireless networks, switches, ZTNA, endpoints, mobile devices, servers, email protection, and much more.






Automated Threat Detection and Response

Stop Active Threats Dead in Their Tracks

Whether you choose to manage your cybersecurity on your own with Sophos Endpoints or XDR, or have Sophos do it for you with Sophos MDR, your Sophos Firewalls provide unmatched automated response to active threats. They reduce response time from minutes to seconds to stop threats dead in their tracks before they can spread:

  • Automatically identify and block active threats
  • Prevents lateral movement
  • Get immediate insights into compromised devices, users, and applications