End of Life payShield 9000

News February 03, 2020

The payShield 9000 will officially be withdrawn of the payShield 9000 family of hardware security modules, together with the associated software, accessories and services. In April 2019 the payShield 10K family launched the direct replacement for the payShield 9000 offering a seamless upgrade for existing Thales payment HSM customers.

The last time to buy on hardware is 30th June 2020 and the end-of-life for support will be 31st December 2022.

In recognition that many existing payShield 9000 customers will need extra HSM capacity, we are providing a last time buy period on hardware and an extended order period for accessories, spares and software license upgrades.
In addition, Thales is committed to providing support on the payShield 9000 until 31st December 2022. We look forward to continuing to support our customers worldwide by providing a comprehensive and easy migration path to the payShield 10K platform.

Products and Services Affected

  1. All hardware and software products including base packages, optional licenses, accessories, spares and upgrades in the payShield 9000 range (i.e. all order codes starting with ‘HSM9-‘)
  2. All payShield 9000 base and custom software
  3. All payShield 9000 hardware and software maintenance contracts

Key Dates

  1. No new orders for payShield 9000 hardware will be accepted after 30th June 2020
  2. No new orders for payShield 9000 software customization services will be accepted after 31st December 2021
  3. Accessories, spares and upgrades (packages/optional licenses/performance) can still be ordered until 31st December 2022
  4. Please remember that support on payShield 9000 V2.x software expires on 31st December 2020 (as advised in an October 2017 notice) – migration to V3.x software should be completed before this date
  5. Bug fixes and hardware repairs on base and custom payShield 9000 installations available until 31st December 2022 (subject to a valid maintenance support contract being in place
  6. Product end-of-life for support purposes on 31st December 2022 for payShield 9000

Thales Official Announcement : end of life payShield 9000

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