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PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia Partnership with Airome Technologies

Jakarta, 22 June 2020 PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia adalah perusahaan penyedia solusi keamanan data yang memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 30 Tahun, Untuk melayani evolusi kebutuhan pelanggan menuju lingkungan keamanan data. Saat ini Dymar Jaya Indonesia menjalin kemitraan dengan Airome Techonologies untuk memberikan solusi keamanan data terbaik di Indonesia. Salah satu teknologi andalan Airome Technologies adalah solusi PayConfirm yang dapat menggantikan …

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Upgrading Existing Security to Quantum-Safe with Thales CPL

Are your crypto functions quantum ready? This whitepaper covers the top 3 challenges and how #Thales #HSM & #HSE and #ISARA’s quantum safe solutions enable a seamless, trustworthy and cost-effective method of transitioning to quantum-safe security while maintaining backward compatibility with existing systems. Download  

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Thales Brings Trust to Blockchain

Did you know that public-key cryptography #PKI is the fundamental security foundation used by #blockchain. The process of securely generating, using and storing cryptographic keys is essential to maintain the security of the blockchain network. #thalescpl Download

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Dymar Webinar – Sophos “The State of Ransomware and How to Mitigate using Sophos NGEP”

Join us for Learn-from-Home WEBINAR “The State of Ransomware and How to Mitigate using Sophos NGEP (Next-Generation Endpoint Protection)”. For registration please : or contact to Hope to see you there! Thank you and have a nice day. Many thanks, Dymar