Blog News April 19, 2022

Mengapa SMS dan Push OTP Tidak Aman?

Di blog ini, kami ingin menjawab pertanyaan. “Mengapa metode konfirmasi transaksi klasik (SMS OTP dan Push Code OTP) ini tidak aman?”. Penggunaan notifikasi SMS sebagai faktor 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) sudah umum bagi kebanyakan orang. Selain itu, banyak layanan digital menggunakan metode otentikasi ini untuk transaksi seperti lupa password, mengkonfirmasi suatu transfer, dan sebagainya. Jika Anda memasukkan nomor ponsel anda …

Blog March 15, 2022

Back to Basics: What You Need to Know About Ransomware

With ransomware threats increasingly finding their way into conversations about phishing and other security attacks, it’s important to understand what exactly the threat is and how cybercriminals are deploying ransomware to steal money from unsuspecting consumers. Let’s take a fresh look at this threat, what you should know about it and how can you protect yourself. What is ransomware? Essentially, ransomware is a type …

Blog March 04, 2022

What is Certificate Management?

What Is Certificate Management? Certificate management is the act of monitoring, facilitating, and executing digital x.509 certificates (SSL certificates). It plays a critical role in keeping communications between a client and server operating, encrypted, and secure. Certificate lifecycle management catches faulty, misconfigured, and expired certificates, then performs the following processes: Creating Purchasing Storing Disseminating Deploying Renewing Suspending Revoking Replacing  A good certificate …

Blog June 22, 2020

Upgrading Existing Security to Quantum-Safe with Thales CPL

Are your crypto functions quantum ready? This whitepaper covers the top 3 challenges and how #Thales #HSM & #HSE and #ISARA’s quantum safe solutions enable a seamless, trustworthy and cost-effective method of transitioning to quantum-safe security while maintaining backward compatibility with existing systems. Download