Blog June 15, 2020

Thales Brings Trust to Blockchain

Did you know that public-key cryptography #PKI is the fundamental security foundation used by #blockchain. The process of securely generating, using and storing cryptographic keys is essential to maintain the security of the blockchain network. #thalescpl Download

Blog June 11, 2020

Risk Management Strategies for Digital Processes

#Cryptography is frequently used to meet compliance mandates. To address current and emerging compliance mandates, business and governmental entities have employed HSMs. This whitepaper explains how organisation assess ‘Risk Management Strategies for Digital Processes using #HSM as an Anchor of Trust’ #thalescpl Download

Blog June 02, 2020

Transaction Processing using payShield HSMs

#Thales payShield HSMs live at the heart of the robust payment infrastructure, being deployed at many nodes in the various networks including those associated with merchants, merchant processors, payment facilitators, acquiring banks, payment networks, issuer processors and issuing banks. Take a look at how we can help with all your transaction processing needs while meeting compliance mandates #futureofpayment #complianceready #pci …

Blog May 25, 2020

The Power of Tokenization

#Tokenization is an excellent pseudonymization approach for many kinds of data, but it is particularly appropriate when you need to maintain the data format in a database schemas and referential integrity. This whitepaper highlights all the in and outs of “The Power of Tokenization for Protecting Sensitive Data” Download